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It's a game of red vs green... blue vs yellow...
Back to another color study.

Original: Red and Green Leaf study

Manipulation #1: Slightly Subtracting the Green and Brown Wood-chips

Manipulation #2: Subtracting All But Red

BAAM!: Close Up of Red Leaf

Manipulation #3: Reversing the Red and Green into Blue and Yellow... not quite sure exactly how that did come about...

Manipulation #4: Fuzzyville! Having fun messing with that one ☝... seriously though... Instead of sculpture, psych and therapies... I should go ahead and delve into fiber and make an interesting fabric, line of clothing out of this one photo... . . . . . . ✄

Fun series, anyhow. Maybe next will be green? Or was that my last.. post? If green wasn't than that is what it will be. Otherwise, going to purple or orangge. Always want to "do" orange, but always skip that one. Probably because that is the hardest one for me to really "capture". Guessing purple will be next on the cue, but then again.. haven't really had enough of the green suit quite yet.


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