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Vegetarian vs. Vegan
More so than recently, it's as if I was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. Certain foods have been upsetting my stomach. The thought of milk, cheese or pretty much any dairy product, kind of disgusts the living shit out of me. When I became a full time vegetarian, I did it not because I was prejudice against the meat industry or because of animal cruelty, but my debilitating condition, GRAVES' DISEASE, prevents my stomach from properly digesting meat in a "normal" fashion.

Now since becoming vegan this past summer, partially due to lack of money and secondly bored with just being a vegetarian, I thought to myself... why not delve into a full on spectrum of no meat products at all. These past few weeks, my sense of smell has heightened and cheese, dairy, even eggs gross me out so much so that I want to literally throw the *expletive* up. Kind of sick and tired of people asking, "Well did the doctor tell you to be this way?". My answer should be, "Yes, actually the Indian pediatrician that I saw for 12 years plus worked for briefly said stay away from cheese because it is making you very, very sick". This was probably what induced the GRAVES' DISEASE within me. Cheddar Cheese used to be my favorite, but the iodine content is extremely high.

It's interesting, how folks look at people with bulimic and anorexic conditions, they feel sorry for them and wonder why they control their eating habits the way they do. Then get all pissed off at me like I should do, what they do and not really take into account of my food intake or how I want to eat. Might not have the highest IQ on the block or a college degree, but what I do know is, myself. A long time ago, I was sitting in the bedroom of an old acquaintance with a mutual friend of ours AT THE TIME carrying with me in my purse, two packs of cigarettes. One pack of Capri Lights and the other was a soft box of Camel Non filtered cigarettes. I looked at Ben and he asked me "Why?" I replied, "Well do I want to live or do I want to die" or something to that respect. That night in New Brunswick almost ten years was the LAST TIME I spoke with Ben, but those words, that question, stuck with me for the rest of my life. Probably always will.

The cigarettes, a metaphor in kind of the same way... I could eat meat and watch as my condition fizzle away and take a whole bunch of pharmaceutical drugs or stay away from the things that are making me sick to begin with. Live a more natural, lifestyle type way. So, no, I will probably never go back to eating meat or consuming dairy, eggs, anything to that extent because it makes me really sick. Doesn't mean again that I have a problem with meat eaters, those that hunt there own food, kill animals, wear leather products (I do), raise animals, or slaughter them.

There is a documentary that everyone should watch. In a lot of cultures it is tradition to learn to kill your own dinner, skin it and consume or prey. That's not how I was brought up. To some, though, it is important and I would never want to take that custom away from them. Anyway, CU-Denver's Star movie house at the Tivoli hosted a Navajo pageant winner and a viewing of a documentary of what it takes to become a Navajo beauty queen. Check it out. It's a good one.

Maybe I should form my own religion or create a new group of followers that believe in vegetables, grains, and fruits as the most essential elements of life. Yah, probably not, but it's a good thought ...... Right?

October 8, 2011 8:40pm

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